Leather Export Council Of Egypt ( LEC )


We Are the Leather Export Council of Egypt (LEC) was formed by a Ministerial Decree as a regulatory body under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Our Objectives

One of the main objectives of the council is to support the Egyptian Leather exporters and manufacturers to increase their exports and competitiveness in the global markets in comply with government's export strategy for the Leather sectors in Egypt. Also, to boost the exporting awareness of the exporters to meet the target that has been set by the government; this will be done through providing – doing strategies, plans and studies with the aim of increasing the Egyptian Leather exports.


Our Vision

  • Achieving the integration between all the Egyptian Leather producers and exporters.
  • To enhance the Exporters position in the external markets.
  • To sustain the growth of the Egyptian Leather exports.

Our Mission

  • Boosting the Egyptian Leather Exports by developing the exports capabilities of the manufacturers in the sector.
  • Promoting the competence of the small and medium enterprises and increasing their exporting capacities.
  • Opening new markets and promoting the new trends in business development.